Warranties, Returns & Accounts


Many of our clients are account-based on 30-day balance-of-payment terms. New clients, if they are not know to us, must fill out a one-page account form that sets out our basic account terms.  It’s a good way to buy – billing only starts after the product has been delivered to site for most products.  Just drop in the store and we’ll set you up!


All the products that we sell are fully warranted by the manufacturer, however, each manufacturer has its own warranty program and proceedure. As the manufacturer’s vendor, we directly support each warranty in the field. That means if you have an issue that is warranty-related, we will act on behalf of the manufacturer – in the best interest of the customer.

We will become your liaison with the manufacturer and if we can use some common sense to provide a repair or replacement, we will whenever possible.

If you have a suspected warranty issue, please contact us first so that we can investigate. When we talk about customer satisfaction, we actually mean it.


Usually a contensious area for both the customer and the store, returns are easy at Lights ON.
Notice, our policy is not very lengthy. It’s also not very legalistic. In fact, it’s just plain friendly.

  1. We do ask you to try and retain any original packaging, especially if it has to be returned to the supplier or if it intended for resale.
  2. Avoid cutting any excess wires off of “permanently installed” fixtures.
  3. Try to do the return within 30 days of purchase.

If the return is due to warranty issues, it must be made within the warrany period allowed by the manufacturer. We will have your purchase information on file, so a bill is not necesary.

That’s it. No five-page dot-the i’s and cross the t’s. Just come in and talk to us – we’ll work it out. Most of the time you will receive a full refund in the method of original payment, however, sometimes we may have to charge a small restocking fee. For special-ordered products, we reserve the right to refuse a return. In this case, we may be able to resell the product on consignment.

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