Lighting Fixture

Repairs, Re-wiring and Modifications

If your lamp or lighting fixture is giving you issues, then bring it in and we can have a look.

If we can repair it, we’ll give you an estimate on the spot and usually can repair it within a day!

If your light is from outside of the USA or Canada, it most likely needs re-wiring to Canadian electrical standards, and maybe even re-certified for insurance purposes.  We can look after that for you.

We have been doing lighting repairs for over a dozen years and have bins full of parts in the back room – even very old parts that cannot be sourced any more, so if you have granny’s old Tiffany lamp that needs attention, you are welcome to bring it by.  We’ll be gentle.

Come on in and talk to Rob.  He’ll be glad to chat about your lighting problem or project.

Contact us, or stop by today, and let’s get your lighting fixtures fixed!

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