Normally I write about “technical” stuff, but today I am introducing a new capability at Lights ON – Kelowna.

We have added a commercial division, headed by Heather Craine, to look after some of our specialty projects, such as lighting design for luxury homes and commercial client applications.

Heather has many years’ experience with electrical contractors and energy providers such as Fortis to define the lighting requirements for all kinds of significant structures, including the outdoor and landscape lighting programs and specialty retail operations such as restaurants and salons.

Recently, she was able to design a custom central-focus fixture for an out-of-town client that was simply unavailable elsewhere – a $45,000 piece that became the focal point of the home.

So this is now our capability: to design a lighting plan for your property, be it a commercial space or luxury home. It’s a stand-alone, fee-for-service unless the majority of the lighting fixtures are purchased from through our store. But being a bit of a purist, Heather insists on picking the “right fixtures for the setting” – regardless of who provides them. Looking for one-of-a-kind? Why not give us a try!

So, before you let your electrician provide you with a standard lighting layout, how about letting a couple of lighting experts help? Both Heather and Tim Karila will produce full professional lighting plans for you – usually free-of-charge.